The Liberals are still Cutting Funding for the care your doctor provides


A real and serious threat to your ability to access quality health care in the coming years. Just when you need it most.


Millions of Ontarians across the province are planning now for the care they’ll need and depend on as they age. The Ontario government is still cutting the necessary funding for the care your doctor provides. It’s cutting funding for the care you need and depend on.

The Ontario government has unilaterally cut funding for the care your doctor provides by nearly 7%.

Ontario’s health-care system is under immense strain. At a time when demand for quality-patient focused care is on the rise, the government has imposed a hard cap on the amount it’s willing to fund. 

Ontario’s population is aging, putting increasing pressure on Ontario’s health-care system.

The government is shutting doctors out from the decisions it’s making.



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“Every day, Ontario’s 28,000 doctors go to work to put their patients first. For doctors it’s simple: there’s nothing more important than the health of you and your family. But with a growing and aging population, providing quality, patient-focused care is getting harder and harder.”

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The Liberal government is still cutting funding for the care your doctor provides. Tell us how these cuts are impacting you and your family.

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The Liberal government is still cutting funding for physician services. Tell us how it’s impacting you and your family.

The Liberal government is still cutting funding for physician services. Tell us how it’s impacting you and your family.

The Ontario government’s ongoing and unilateral cuts to funding for the services doctors provide, now totaling nearly seven per cent in cut backs, will have a real and serious impact on doctors’ continued ability to provide quality, patient-focused care in the years to come.

We want to hear from you.

Whether you’re a patient or a doctor, we want to hear your stories about how the government’s deep cuts to funding for physician services are affecting you and your family—or how you think they might impact you in the future.

Your stories will help us demand the quality, patient-focused care Ontarians need and depend on.


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