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Ontario doctors respond to Minister of Health’s most recent comments about negotiations

“We were surprised to hear the Minister’s comments as Ontario’s doctors remain ready and willing to return to the negotiation table to get a fair and reasonable physician services agreement that puts patients first.

We are disappointed the government has failed to grant our request for a binding dispute resolution mechanism that we believe is necessary to ensure we can work together for a fair deal that puts patients first.

The government’s unilateral actions of an almost seven per cent cut to the payments for physician services since February 2015, which goes toward all the care doctors provide to patients in Ontario, are simply not sustainable. These cuts threaten access to the quality, patient-focused care Ontarians need and expect.

Ontario’s doctors don’t create demand for patient care, we are simply providing patients with the necessary care and services they need. Our population is growing, with 140,000 new patients added to the health care system each year, this is in addition to people living longer with more complex conditions. Ontarians expect that they will have access to high quality patient focused care when they need it, whether it is from their family doctor or a specialist.

Doctors recognize the need to ensure that the health-care system is sustainable. We have worked together with government in the past to make great gains for patients and the system, but those conversations need to take place as part of the negotiations for a fair and reasonable physician services agreement.

Ontario’s doctors are committed to working together to protect the quality, patient-focused care Ontario’s families deserve.”

Dr. Mike Toth, President, Ontario Medical Association

Posted on March 24, 2016 in Campaign Media

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