The Wait Time Series

To raise awareness of some of the core barriers to care that patients, caregivers and physicians face on a daily basis, the OMA has produced an online campaign, featured on various social media channels, entitled The Wait Time Series.

Through a sequence of images, we highlight the facts about increases in the amount of time that patients wait for significant procedures, such as hip and knee replacements and cataract surgery (full sized infographics below). For example, despite doctors having increased the volume of knee replacement procedures in recent years, patients actually waited an average of 259 days1 to receive a knee replacement in 2016 — that’s an extra 51 days over the 2015 average of 208 days1.


Knee Replacement Infographic

These increases in wait times indicate extended periods of patient suffering and, in some cases, reduced patient mobility and productivity. Ontario’s doctors believe there is more that the government can do to improve the accessibility and quality of our health care system.

Because your health shouldn’t have to wait.


Hip Replacement Infographic


Cataract Procedure Infographic

The Wait Time Series will continue to roll out new infographics over the summer months. Visit regularly for updates.

1 9 out of 10 patients waiting for this procedure had it performed within this timeframe. Data is based on the OHIP database and prepared by OMA Economics, Research & Analytics.

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