Today’s Reading List: App is like Instagram for medical professionals

A new photo sharing app has launched, but you won`t find images of adorable kittens or last night`s dinner. Figure 1 is for medical professionals and takes the informal process doctor`s call the `corridor consult` and brings it online.

The app allows doctors to post anything from an image of a shattered elbow to a brain scan with ominous dark shadows so that they can seek second, third and fourth opinions.

Although anybody can download the app and view the posts, only verified health care professionals can actually interact. One Figure 1 employee is tasked with checking identities and credentials.

Figure 1 has the potential to transform how doctor`s reach conclusions, which could mean better patient care and a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

The Toronto Star has more.




Posted on September 29, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List, Uncategorized

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