Today’s Reading List: How your phone can help you sleep better

Not getting enough sleep? There are apps for that. Every little bit helps, right? When it comes to sleep, we seem to never get enough of it, so a Toronto Star reporter tested out four sleep apps to see if she could identify patterns that could help her get better sleep to fuel her day.

I tried four of these apps over a period of a few weeks: Sleep Cycle, SleepBot, Sleep Time and Pillow. All are alarm apps designed to help you track your sleep, as well as read sleep patterns to wake you up at the best possible time. To use them, just call them up, keep your phone plugged in and turned on so the app can register your movement, and make your way to dreamland.

Over time the reporter learned a few key findings about her sleeping habits, like rarely being able to fall asleep before midnight and the discovery that she tends to wake up every hour. Both of which can help determine when to go to bed and what time to set the alarm.

Could an app help you sleep better? Check out the article here and see if downloading one is the right approach for you.

Posted on September 26, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List

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