Today’s Reading List: Reality check – Are fruit and vegetable juices a healthy alternative to the real thing?

The Toronto Star today, discussed the increasing fad of all-in-one fruit and vegetable juices.

Over the past two decades, Canadians have increasingly wanted healthier options when it comes to their food choices. But with busy schedules, not everyone has the time for juicing or the disposable income for an expensive juicer. So are these juices found in stores an adequate substitute for the real thing?

Registered dietitian Stephanie De Maio says these fruit+veg products are not a precise replacement for the suite of good things found in whole fruits and vegetables.

But, she adds: “If you are not having any fruits and vegetables right now, these products can’t hurt. At least you’re going from zero to something.”

The main issue is not with the amount of actual fruit or vegetables in the juice, but rather the amount of calories from sugar.

De Maio, a clinical dietitian at St. Michael’s Hospital, says her primary concern is that people consume too many calories when drinking their fruits and veggies. She points out that some popular fruit+veg juices have 140 calories per 1-cup serving — the calorie-equivalent of three apples.

The consensus? When you can, reach for whole fruits and vegetables – you will get more out of a whole source, including essential vitamins, than you will from fruit juices found in stores.


Posted on October 22, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List

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