Today’s Reading List: The dilemma between healthy eating and staying above the poverty line

Making ends meet often involves sacrifices, but what happens when one of those sacrifices is nutrition-rich food?

That’s the reality that some Canadians face, as featured in an article at The Globe and Mail, that discusses issues relating to Canadians living below or close to the poverty line.

More than 1.7 million households, or four million Canadians, are affected by some level of “food insecurity,” which means they can’t, or they constantly worry about being able to, properly feed their families because they lack the means. That’s almost half a million more than five years earlier, according to the latest Statistics Canada report.

Nova Scotia households had some of the highest rates of food insecurity along with remote communities that deal with increased food prices. A recent study by Health Canada shows that northern Manitobans pay 60 per cent more than those in the south for the national nutritious food basket – a Health Canada measurement of 67 foods easily found in grocery store.

The article suggests numerous ways to resolve food insecurity including an increase to the minimum wage and a national school-based feeding program.

Find out more about food insecurity in today’s article at The Globe and Mail.


Posted on October 20, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List

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