Today’s Reading List: Why we should all get the flu shot

Today at Ontario’s Doctors we examine why on average, less than half of all Canadians get the flu shot each year, even though the vaccine helps protect against the flu.

Jason Tetro from the Globe and Mail tackles the issue of why you should have the flu shot and why it matters:

But even though there is a vaccine to help protect against the flu, there is a problem: On average, less than half of all Canadians get the flu shot each year.

Scientific evidence does not support most of the reasons people cite for skipping the shot – everything from fear of adverse reaction to the belief that it is ineffective. Each year, vaccines are tested for their safety so that events such as chest tightness, difficulty swallowing, facial swelling and red eyes are minimized. The vaccine contains stabilizers, preservatives and immune-boosting agents called adjuvants but none of these are proven to be toxic. Also, some vaccines may contain live virus but they have been genetically altered so they cannot cause infection; they are safe.

Furthermore, when it comes to the flu:

When it comes to getting the flu shot, there is no doubt it is a personal choice. Yet the short- and long-term benefits are proven: You have a good chance of preventing the three-week deluge of symptoms and, for those most at risk, of complications, hospitalization and even death.


Posted on October 27, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List

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